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i suck but i'm tryng, i swear.


What's this? Honestly, I don't know.

I spent like an entire week locked in my room to understand how HTML and CSS works, just to create this site. So, why am I creating this place? I don't know. Why, just WHY. Yeah, surely I have too much freetime, but is it worth spending so many hours this way? Maybe not, but it's now too late. However, now I have my own personal place on the net. Cool. It's Like Facebook but homemade and without friends.

Probably I'll arrange this site like a sort of box to put whatever goes through my mind: drawings, cringy stuff, other things nobody cares about ecc.

If you are still here, congrats. You can leave a little message, if you want.

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25/06/2022: I've just created this site, so... No updates.

29/06/2022: Just added the first concept of the site. Somewhere.

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Write whatever you want.